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If you've had an accident, injury, or surgery—or you are experiencing chronic pain—physical therapy also known as physiotherapy, is an especially important component of your treatment.

Physical therapy can help you:

Recover from an injury or surgery more quickly 
Better manage acute, chronic, and post-surgical pain 
Improve your movement and quality of life
Return you to regular activities more quickly
Prevent future injury

Our physical therapy programs treat a number of conditions, including: 

Chronic pain
Back and neck pain
Chronic headaches
Sprains and strains
Orthopedic injuries and surgeries
Soft tissue injuries
Balance problems
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Repetitive motion injuries
Loss of motion
Muscle weakness 

Based on an initial comprehensive examination and diagnosis, our physician-guided team will design a customized physical therapy program that will help you meet your specific recovery goals. Our licensed physical therapists offer a range of effective approaches, including: 

Massage therapy
Assisted stretching 
Exercise therapy
Cold and heat therapy
Aquatic therapy
Home exercises 

If you've had an injury or surgery, we recommend starting physical therapy as soon as is safely possible. When physical therapy is delayed, an injury and the resulting symptoms can worsen, and become more difficult to treat. Delays in starting physical therapy can also lead to permanent reductions in your range of motion, nerve damage, and other long-term complications. Early physical therapy can help reduce your risk of complications, speed up your recovery period, and get you back to health and regular activity more quickly!


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After workplace injuries, we can work with your employees to create a state-of-the-art treatment plan and physical therapy program to help quickly restore their mobility and function, and allow them to safely return to daily activities. 

Please contact us to learn more about our physical therapy programs for workplace injury rehabilitation,  by calling us at 773-205-0800, or sending us a message.

If you're interested in how we can support your workers' health, please reach out to us.

Thanks for contacting us!

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